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Being a ballet student is an exciting artistic journey with many benefits! Proper ballet training produces a beautiful, strong, flexible, and healthy body that results in good posture, grace, and poise. Ballet training instills discipline that enables the student to be successful in many other aspects of their life. A highly-qualified and professionally-trained faculty provides individual attention to each student’s technical and physical abilities in order to support their progression at a comfortable and appropriate rate. Ballet is the basic foundation for all other styles of dance and should be studied first or in combination with other forms of dance. Students typically begin formal ballet training at the age of six.


Modern dance is a more free-form style, based on fundamental modern techniques that are intertwined with the dancer’s own interpretation of emotion and expression. Dancers are encouraged to develop their own steps and routines, involving their whole body for complete expression. Modern dance emphasizes a whole-body approach, including endurance, strength, coordination, and body awareness to create freedom of expression with music and rhythm. Students of modern dance have mastered the fundamentals of Intermediate Ballet.


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Jazz provides even more free, rhythmic, and emotional expression than modern. Jazz is unrestrictive, non-classical, and less academic than ballet. However, jazz draws upon many other forms of dance technique to produce clean, smooth, and uninterrupted movement. Most students have a background in both ballet and tap prior to an introduction to jazz. Young students enrolled in a combination class (ballet & tap) will begin jazz around age six. Enrollment in an on-going ballet class is a requirement for all jazz students as part of their jazz preparation.


Contemporary dance is a combination of ballet, modern, and jazz techniques. This is a unique dance style demonstrating the versatility, improvisation, and concert dance styles presented in combination with modern or pop music. Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet, modern, and jazz that expresses the emotions of the song lyrics. It is characterized by a lovely, poetic, and flowing quality. Ballet must be taken in combination with contemporary/lyrical training.

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Tap is FUN for EVERYONE! It is a rapid way for dancers (from children to adults) to focus on their ability to “feel” the rhythmic beat, develop coordination, and ultimately, translate these skills into an energizing dance movement. Young children especially enjoy tap because it teaches them to keep time with the music while practicing their ability to count and apply basic math with physical motion. Tap students carry this training into other parts of their lives — from practicing self-discipline to learning to coordinate movement as a “team” — including sports, social, and other group activities later in life. We offer tap starting in our combination classes with progressive-level classes from beginning child through advanced adult.

Combination Classes

For children ages 3-9, we offer Combo Classes to introduce the fundamentals of dance. These classes include Ballet, Tap, and Gymnastics for the younger dancers; and Ballet, Tap, and Jazz for the older dancers. These classes are designed to teach early rhythmic skills and body awareness – an essential education for young dancers.

Photo Credit: Cherie Layton


A Recital will be presented in May at The Eisemann Center.
For more information, see the Recital page under Events.

Monthly Rates

    • Angelina Storytime
    • Hip Hop - all levels
    • Jazz - Beginning & Teen
    • Tap - Beginning & 2/3
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    • Ballet - Beginning & Intermediate
    • Most Combo Classes
    • Jazz - Intermediate & Advanced
    • Lyrical
    • Modern
    • Tap - 3/4
    • Intermediate Ballet 2
    • Advanced Ballet
    • Ballet Variations
    • Beg. Dance for Teens
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